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World Happiness Fest

The World Happiness Fest will soon be opening its virtual gardens ~ sometime between Christmas and New Year. Breakout conversations will be happening in "virtual nature" settings around the world. Just like an Open Space, you can be a topic convener or a participant, or a bumble bee buzzing to different places, or a butterfly hanging out in the garden or forest outside. There will also be note taking as part of this grand virtual QiQo Chat Happiness experiment just like in Open Space.

Suzanne Daigle,

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At the heart of all this, our Theme and the Story behind what we are doing.


World Happiness Fest AND Open Space Technology

INVITATION Theme: “Opening Space for World Happiness: Let’s Explore the Opportunities and Possibilities”

Two world communities coming together. A shared mission, shared purpose, and shared values. Opening space in the world for meaning, purpose, well-being, freedom, happiness, peace and high performance.

The roots of our work run deep. It speaks to a yearning in the world that transcends the traditional measures of growth and success. Addressing the great needs and major shifts happening on our planet, in our global communities, society and everywhere.

The Open Space and World Happiness Fest participation numbers are astounding, thousands and hundreds of thousands of people have benefited and participated in our gatherings and events. As facilitators of Open Space or conveners for World Happiness Fest, we continue to invite and engage minds and hearts leading to action. So that collectively and individually we can make a difference in the world.

This invitation is an opportunity to learn from each other. To see how the World Happiness Fest can be like a giant Open Space. We are inviting you to explore with us how we can apply and introduce the principles and process of Open Space technology as part of the World Happiness Fest and the Happiness Agoras.

Whether you are planning to host a World Happiness Agora in your city or are interested in participating with us on how we can invite and incorporate Open Space principles and practice in the upcoming Happiness events, please join us.

Suzanne, Barry, Luis and Lucas


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Last updated: January 29, 2020