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Member Benefits
The OSIC is a community of practice
promotes the sharing of experience
and encourages professionalism among its members.

Who Can Join?

People who have experienced Open Space Technology, want to deepen their learning about the approach, and want to integrate it into their practice by being part of this Canadian OST community of learning and action.

Formal Open Space Technology (OST) training is not a requirement for OSIC membership since members may opt for other forms of learning about OST.

Benefits of Membership

The chance to be part of something that in its own small way is about changing the world
where communities of learning and action are formed by committed people who
bring themselves, in all their uniqueness, to play.

  • The opportunity to attend conferences of the OSIC - held in open space - where you can meet and exchange ideas with other OS practitioners. You also receive information of upcoming OSI events of other groups, e.g. the international meetings on Open Space called OSonOS.
  • Reports of OSIC events circulated to members and posted on the web site.
  • Discounts on Open Space events organized by the OSIC and by the Regroupement francophone Forum ouvert (RFFO).
  • Invitations to join OS discussion meetings and business meetings of the institute (by conference call or in person) and to receive the minutes.
  • Publish on the OSIC website membership page site, your name, the information you want to share about yourself, a short biography and link to your website.
  • A place to publish your work about Open Space Technology.
  • Articles on OST theory┬á on the web site.

Annual Registration Fee: $45.00

Go to our Registration Page to sign up as a member of Open Space Institute of Canada

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Last updated: November 21, 2013